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Stump Removal IrvingStump Removal Irving

When trees are removed, there remains a stump to contend with. Information regarding stump removal in Irving can be received simply by calling our company. We have the experience needed to correctly and completely remove any stump leaving little evidence that a tree ever occupied that space.

There are many stump removal techniques, not all of which can be successfully completed within a residential area. Be assured that all the procedures used by our crew for stump removal in Irving are cleared with the city or county prior to the beginning of each job.

Chemicals can be used to literally eat the stump from the inside out. Depending on the type of chemicals used, this procedure can take some time to complete. Some chemicals can be harsh, but our company uses only those that are approved for commercial use. We are licensed and insured and take all the necessary precautions to complete stump removal in Irving, TX, and to complete the work safely and in the best possible manner.

Stump Grinding Irving TXStump Grinding Irving TX

Igniting a fire within the stump is another method of destroying it from the inside out. This procedure is an old-fashioned way of ridding the land of stumps, however, it can take days to complete and the smoke from the fire can become a nuisance.

Depending on the diameter of the stump, large equipment can be used to remove it by working it back and forth several times then grabbing it with a crane or hook to pull it out of the ground. This procedure can leave broken roots that may cause a problem later. Also if heavy equipment is used, it can cause damage to the surrounding landscape.

The procedure our company uses most often and the one we feel is the safest, most reliable and does the best job is grinding the stump. We have special equipment that is placed over the stump and when engaged will grind the stump down to below the surface. Stump grinding in Irving, TX, is a viable alternative to more hazardous removal procedures. The process of grinding stumps produces wood chips that can be used as mulch or loaded and hauled away by our company.

Stump Removal Irving TXStump Removal Irving TX

Any dirt mound that is generated by the subsurface grinding will be smoothed out and leveled off. We prefer this procedure because it is faster and limits the amount of damage done to the adjacent landscaping.

A time honored tradition is still an option for stump removal in Irving. We will manually dig out the stump and the roots within a reasonable distance. At that point, we load the stump and prepare it for chipping in order to use it for mulch.

Regardless of the removal procedure preferred, stump removal in Irving TX can be done easily by contacting our company and allowing our licensed and insured crew to take the action necessary. Call us and we will be happy to review your need, recommend the best possible procedure and give you a free estimate of the total costs.